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Research Group

Dr. Moritz Ehrl Raum: E1.060
Tel.: 2180-77559
Fax: 2180-77560
eMail: Moritz.Ehrl"at"cup.uni-muenchen.de

Members who left the group since 2003

Dr. Adriano de Andrade Torrano

Dr. Julia Blechinger

Dr. John Briggs

Dr. Ellen Broda

Dr. Karla de Bruin

Dr. Ondrej Burkacky

Dr. Melari Davies

Dr. Thomas Endreß

Dr. Florian Feil

Prof. Dr. Irmgard Frank

Dr. Stephan Grimm

Dr. Andrew Hards

Dr. Thomas Hellerer

Dr. Christian Hellriegel

Prof. Dr. Gregor Jung

Dr. Yoshihiko Katayama 

Prof. Dr. Alper Kiraz

Dr. Johanna Kirstein

Dr. Pamela Kolb

Dr. Volodymyr Kudryavtsev

Dr. Timo Lebold

Dr. Elizabeth Lupton

Dr. Stephan Mackowiak

Prof. Dr. Sebastian Mackowski

Dr. Frauke Mickler

Dr. Leonhard Möckl

Dr. David Müller

Dr. Barbara Müller

Dr. Christel Nonnenberg

Dr. Thomas Ruppert

Dr. Nadia Ruthardt

Dr. Anna Sauer

Dr. Peter Schwaderer

Dr. Christian Seebacher

Dr. Veronika Weiß

Dr. Stephan Wörmke

Dr. Peter Zehetmayer

Dr. Chunqing Zhou

Prof. Dr. Andreas Zumbusch


LMU München NIM: Excellence Cluster "Nanosystems Initiative Munich" (2006-2012)
LMU München CiPSM: Exzellenzcluster "Center for Integrated Protein Science Munich" (2006-2012)
DFG SFB 455: "Viral Functions and Immune Modulation" (finished 2004)
DFG SFB 486: "Manipulation of Matter on the Nanometer Scale" (1999-2009)
DFG SFB 533: "Light Induced Dynamics of Biopolymers" (1999-2007)
DFG SFB 646: "Network in Genome Expression and Maintenance" (2005-2007)
DFG SFB 749: "Dynamik und Intermediate molekularer Transformationen" (2007-2011)
DFG SSP 1775: "Membranumhüllung von Viruspartikeln in zellulären Strukturen"
DFG SSP 1313: "Bioactivity and cellular uptake of distinct nanoparticles in human endothelial cells"

"ForNano" Bayerische Forschungsstiftung (finished 2004)
DFG – Normalverfahren
Elitenetzwerk Bayern

Universität München
Department Chemie
Physikalische Chemie I
Butenandtstr. 11
D-81377 München
Phone: +49-89-2180-77547
Mail: Prof. C. Braeuchle
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Selected Papers

A photoswitchable trivalent cluster mannoside to probe the effect of ligand orientation in bacterial adhesion, ChemBioChem 20 (2019), 2373. more information... 

Bisacylphosphane oxides as photo-latent cytostatic agents and potential photo-latent anticancer drugs, Scientific Reports 9:6003 (2019). more information... 

Invasiveness of cells changes their interaction behaviour with the glycocalyx, Advanced Biosystems 2, (2018),1800083. more information... 

Dendrimer-Based Signal Amplification of Click-Labelled DNA in Situ, ChemBioChem 18, (2017), 1716. more information... 

Quantification of volume and lipid filling of intracellular vesicles carrying the ABCA3 transporter, BBA - Molecular Cell Research, 1864(12) (2017), 2330. more information... 

Spektromikroskopie für biologische Fragestellungen in der Physikalischen Chemie, p. 85, Beitrag im Buch “Unendliche Weiten: Kreuz und quer durchs Chemie-Universum”, Eds.: T.K. Lindhorst, H-J.Quadbeck-Seeger, Gesellschaft Deutscher Chemiker Wiley VCH Verlag GmbH (2017). more information... 

New insights into the intracellular distribution pattern of cationic amphiphilic drugs, Scientific Reports (2017), Article number 44277. more information... 

Azido pentoses: A New Tool to Efficiently Label Mycobacterium tuberculosis Clinical Isolates, ChemBioChem 18 (2017), 1172. more information... 

The Endothelial Glycocalyx Controls Interactions of Quantum Dots with the Endothelium and Their Translocation across the Blood−Tissue Border ACS Nano, 11(2), (2017), 1498. more information... 

The Glycocalyx Regulates the Uptake of Nanoparticles by Human Endothelial Cells In Vitro, Nanomedicine 12(3) (2017), 207.  more information... 

Salinomycin co-treatment enhances tamoxifen cytotoxicity in luminal A breast tumor cells by facilitating lysosomal degradation of receptor tyrosine kinases, Oncotarget 7(31) (2016), 50461. more information... 

En route from artificial to natural: Evaluation of inhibitors of mannose-specific adhesion of E. coli under flow , Biochimica et Biophysica Acta 1860 (2016), 2031. more information... 

Cell Membrane Penetration and Mitochondrial Targeting by Platinum-Decorated Ceria Nanoparticles, Nanoscale 8 (2016), 13352. more information... 

Dendronized Mesoporous Silica Nanoparticles Provide an Internal Endosomal Escape Mechanism for Successful Cytosolic Drug Release, Microporous and Mesoporous Materials 227 (2016), 242. more information... 

Genetically designed biomolecular capping system for mesoporous silica nanoparticles enables receptor-mediated cell uptake and controlled drug release, Nanoscale (2016), 8101. more information... 

Highly efficient siRNA delivery from core–shell mesoporous silica nanoparticles with multifunctional polymer caps, Nanoscale 8 (2016), 4007. more information... 

Artificial Formation and Tuning of Glycoprotein Networks on Live Cell Membranes: A Single-Molecule Tracking Study, ChemPhysChem 17(6) (2016), 829. more information... 

Switching first contact: photocontrol of E. coli adhesion to human cells, Chem. Comm. 52 (2016), 1254. more information...