New publication: "Local disorder at the phase transition interrupts ambipolar charge carrier transport in large crystal methylammonium lead iodide thin films" by Alexander Biewald, Nadja Giesbrecht, Thomas Bein, Pablo Docampo, Achin Hartschuh and Richard Ciesielski

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New publication: "Non-linear Raman scattering intensities in graphene ", by Veit Giegold, Lucas Lange, Richard Ciesielski and Achim Hartschuh

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New publication: "Controling photon antibunching from 1D emitters using optical antennas", Lucas Lange, Frank Schäfer, Alexander Biewald, Richard Ciesielski and Achim Hartschuh

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New Publication: "Uniaxial transition dipole moments in semiconductor quantum rings caused by broken rotational symmetry", Nicolai F. Hartmann, Matthew Otten, Igor Fedin, Dmitri Talapin, Moritz Cygorek, Pawel Hawrylak, Marek Korkusinski, Stephen Gray, Achim Hartschuh and Xuedan Ma

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Universitaet Muenchen
Department Chemie
Butenandtstr. 5-11 (Haus E, Gerhard-Ertl-Gebaeude)
81377 Muenchen

Phone: +49 89 2180 77515
Mail: Prof. A. Hartschuh
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Group Activities

Group hiking to the Schachen (18.-19.8. 2014)

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EMRS Spring Meeting 2010 (07.06.-10.06.2010)

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Workshop on Carbon Nanotube Optics (17.07.-19.07.2009)

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Dr. Huihong Qian received the "attocube Wittenstein research award" for her PhD thesis (10.07.2009)

CeNS press release

Huihong's Defense and party (19.09.2008)

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Group Hiking Wetterstein (11.08.2008-12.08.2008)

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BBQ at Isar river in Thalkirchen (07.08.2008)




Group Christmas Party (21.12.2007)


Oktoberfest (24.09.2007)


Biergarten Waldheim (26.07.2007)


Englischer Garten (01.05.2007)


Office shot (23.10.2007)

Pretend to be happy with the work


More Photos

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